EH Links

A catalog of resources that I consider useful in pursuit of a lifestyle more in tune with what our physical bodies need to maximize their capacity for performance (physical, mental and emotional).

  1. Eat like a human!
    Our modern method of growing, delivering, preparing and consuming food has moved far away from the methods used during our evolution. ‘Paleo’-style eating seeks to reverse that trend and make use of the systems built into the human body to acquire, process and maintain nutritional balance. I don’t buy into their every dictat (the movement by and large still suffers from saturated fat paranoia) but their primary message is key.
  2. Run like a human!
    Research has shown that the number of injuries sustained by runners correlates directly to the cost of their shoes; i.e. the more expensive your running shoes, the higher the chance of injuring yourself while running in them. As I live in a city, I run in the next best thing to barefoot: Vibram Five-Fingers. They won’t get you any dates but they will keep your joints in great shape.
  3. Move like a human!
    Any observer of primates in their natural environment can’t help but be struck by the ease and grace with which they move. Watching modern humans tottering through the local mall? Not so much. Parkour as a discipline seeks to reacquaint us with ideal techniques for human movement. Watching a skilled practitioner move can only be described as art.
  4. DAction: Monitor your D3 levels – for science!
    This project run by GrassRootsHealth is collecting data from willing volunteers on vitamin D3 levels every six months linked to basic health and activity questionaires. Not only does this give you constant feedback on your own vitamin D3 levels but you also contribute to a body of knowledge that is helping shape our understanding of the role of this powerful hormone.

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