Be Human

If you’ve stumbled upon this page suffering from any particular malady linked to the immune system (which is an ever-larger tent with each passing day), you may want to give any and all of the following a try. Do remember, however, that biological systems do not recklessly careen from one state to another overnight (unless forced to do so by awkwardly powerful pharmaceuticals).

Consider these to be lifestyle changes rather than overnight cures–lasting change can take months. It took you years of doing wrong by your body to create chronic health problems; you can hardly expect to mop up that damage overnight.

  1. Correct your serum vitamin D3 levels
  2. Correct your dietary omega-6/omega-3 fatty acid ratio
  3. Eliminate (as much as possible) fructose from your diet
  4. Eliminate (as much as possible) wheat from your diet
  5. Lower your intake of carbohydrates as far as you can manage
  6. Having done #5, embrace animal fats as your primary source of calories (and forget what you think you know about cholesterol–the truth is still unclear)

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